Contact: Brandon Truax
Phone: (224) 402-8489
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Financial institutions across the country use LSI's 24/7 Retail Operation Support Services to complement their internal contact center so the bank can provide live support to it's customers when the volume outweighs internal resources and/or after-hours. LSI is open 24 hours a day, 363 days a year with agents representing the bank to resolve customer service inquiries, originate and underwrite loan applications through the phone, internet, and dealer channels.

An additional benefit for banks that partner with LSI, they relieve themselves of staffing headaches occurred by busy seasons, vacations, sick days, turnover, undesirable hours, weather, and much more. LSI becomes your 24/7 branch while the bank only incurs a cost when your customers use it. For more information contact Ben Johnson at (224) 402-8489 or

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