The Department of Justice is striving to combat financial crimes against older Americans.  Learn about prevalent financial scams so you can guard against them, and get involved in making your community safer.  If you need help, there is a Elder Abuse Resource Roadmap that can guide you to the right agency for your particular situation.

Elder Abuse Resource Roadmap: Financial 
There are many types of financial harm, and it can be difficult to know what to do when this happens to you, or someone you know. 

Answer a few questions and the Resource Roadmap will help you quickly find the right reporting agency.

                                                               Resource Roadmap

Or read the Elder Abuse Resource Roadmap: Financial document.

Brought to you by the United States Department of Justice.

ABA Foundation: Safe Banking for Seniors Program
A free banker resource with key information on ways to strengthen cooperative efforts with law enforcement, as well as Adult Protective Services (APS).
Protecting Seniors: Resource Guide

Senior Scam Alert
Read about some of the most common scams affecting seniors.

                                   Senior Scam Alert

Brought to you by the 
United States Department of Justice.

Get Involved
By recognizing financial exploitation and scams, older Americans may avoid becoming victims.

Preventing Elder Financial Abuse and Exploitation with Tellers

What the Government is Doing to Fight Back Against Scammers

Get Involved, Get Safe - Stop Financial Abuse
A series of presentations with guides and brochures to be used for community or professional presentations

A financial education program

Pass it On!
Share what you know to help protect someone you know from a scam

Work with sheriffs to make your community safer

Senior Medicare Patrol
Volunteer to show Medicare and Medicaid recipients how to protect against, detect, and report fraud

Brought to you by the United States Department of Justice.

More Resources

  • The AARP BankSafe Initiative
    • The BankSafe Initiative helps financial institutions better meet consumers’ financial needs and safeguard their assets. The initiative focuses on four key areas:Preventing financial exploitation
      • Empowering family caregivers
      • Helping those with dementia
      • Making banking tools and environments easier to access

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