MBASC and Office Depot Discount Programs for Members 

As a member of the Michigan Bankers Association, your organization and all employees of the member organization are eligible to participate in the MBA's national account group purchasing plan with Office Depot. This program provides your company with exclusive discounts on the office products you use every day. There is no fee to participate and no contract required.  Access to the program is a free benefit as part of your membership in the MBA.

This program is designed to reduce your expenses and to streamline your operations. As a result of participating in this program, members are able to receive large discounts over some competitor prices. In addition to office supplies, the program includes office furniture, print/copy services, custom business forms, stationery supplies, promotional products, lunchroom products and janitorial supplies. This program also includes next-day delivery by Office Depot trucks or UPS depending on location.

MBASC Office Depot Program

The MBA endorsed partner, Office Depot, brings you an 18 state national purchasing plan that can save MBA members large discounts on supplies, break-room products, office furniture, promotional products, print and copy services and more. The savings available to the members can be generated in three methods:
  • 800+ item “Core” list – a deep discount is given on the items most often used by member banks and associate members in the national program.
  • A customized list up to 75 items - Based on your volume, up to 75 items, of your most frequently used products, can be discounted to save your bank additional money. This list can be created by you and your Office Depot Representative and added directly to your account login.
  • Member Bank Discount- a 10% discount is given on all other items outside the “core” and “customized” list excluding certain large ticket items.

Once your registration has been completed, an Office Depot rep will contact you within five business days to link the core list and customized list to your account.  

Click Here
to register for your MBA/Office Depot Bank Program Account or to shop if you already have a Bank Program Account. For more information, please contact Jill Verscheure at the MBA Products Division or Isaac Mares at Office Depot.

MBASC Office Depot Employee Program

MBA member’s employees can now benefit from the Office Depot discount pricing available to all members, regardless if your employer is signed up for the program. All MBA member employees are entitled to the discounts from the 350+ “core” list and 10% off all other items that are outside the "core" list; excluding large ticket items. This discount program can be utilized by shopping online or by shopping in an Office Depot store with this discount card. discount card

Click Here to register for the MBA/Office Depot Employee Program or to shop if you already have an Employee Program Account. Please contact Jill Verscheure.

Check out the Office Depot Savings Calculator. Please do not add decimals.