Compliance Alliance Newsletters

In an effort to ease the compliance and regulatory burden banks face the Michigan Bankers Association and other state bankers associations across the nation teamed up to provide Compliance Alliance, a unique and innovative tool created exclusively for bankers by bankers. Compliance Alliance was formed with the belief that by working together state banking associations can more effectively reach a common goal of improving the competitive position of its member banks by helping ease the compliance and regulatory burden banks face.

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01/09/19 Newsletter - Has the NFIP Been Reauthorized?

01/03/19 Newsletter - There's a New Sheriff in Town

12/26/18 Newsletter - Meet the New Boss (Same as the Old Boss?)

12/18/18 Newsletter - Don't Forget the Old Rules: SCRA Violations Continue

12/03/18 Newsletter - Federal Banking Regulators Propose to Raise Appraisal Requirement Threshold